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You can find us in Teguise, the historic capital of the island. We are located at No. 5 Calle León y Castillo.

Cantina Teguise


The current owners of La Cantina are Andy Leighton, a retired music producer responsible for the Rocky Horror picture show & the Morales/Duque family.

This historic house (casa histórica) dates back to the 17th century. Whilst Europe was in it’s early modern period characterised by the Dutch golden age, the baroque cultural movement and the scientific revolution, in a quiet corner of the globe, just off Africa, village life and village traditions continued.

The house was a hub of the village as it served as a shop providing hardware and household goods to the villagers.


This was a time of great change to the simple villagers of Lanzarote, because in 1730 started the great eruptions of Timanfaya, which are well documented by the Minister Don Andrés Lorenzo Curbelo, whilst he stayed in Yaiza. These eruptions were to last until 1736 with lava covering a quarter of the islands surface.

Later that century great droughts affected the islanders, many of whom emigrated to the south Americas.

Also during this century, pirates raided the island and took 1000 islanders into slavery. The castle in Teguise documents these events and that of the pirate history of Teguise village and the island of Lanzarote.

cantina historic building in teguise
teguise church tower


The village of Teguise – La Villa de Teguise – is the original capital of Lanzarote. It ceased to be the capital in 1852, when the more practical port town of Arrecife donned this mantle.

It must be one of the most beautiful and unspoilt villages on the island, with it’s cobbled narrow streets and cultural buildings. it’s packed with many historic buildings, including two convents (conventos) which have become cultural centres, regulary holding arts and cultural events.

There is a main square where the main church with its majestic tower overlooks the central fountain, and on all sides are quaint shops and restaurants and other emporiums of delight. On a sunday the place is buzzing with crowds of tourists and locals all looking for a good buy on the weekly outdoor market. This is an event not to be missed whilst visiting Lanzarote. There is everything to be found, from arts, crafts and curiosities to food and wine.


Located in the centre of the island, around 10km from the coast and 220m above sea level, the village was strategically placed as a lookout point. The pirate castle on the hill is a great tourist attraction, where you can find out all about the islands battles and the part Teguise had to play in these ancient battles, but also the view is to die for!

Teguise has been declared an Architectural Historic Site; acknowledging it as one of the oldest towns in the Canaries where the most noble and celebrated chapters in Lanzarote’s history have been written.

La Cantina, casa histórica, has played an important part in its history, and continues to add to the rich cultural experience that is La Villa de Teguise.

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