One thing we love to do at Cantina Teguise is mix things up! Walk through the door and you notice old and new furniture, with rustic charm to create cosy surroundings. Local food, craft beer and wine is our main focus, but with our menu we always enjoy the challenge of learning from other cultures.

Travel is our addiction for any spare time we do eventually get, and helps us to keep our menu fresh. Each year we try to visit a new location and from our travel experiences, we bring home new ideas for the Cantina Menu. 

Zoe’s 2018 away time..

After a busy couple of years with work and family, I was eager to get some me time in before the end of 2018. My dream was to spend time with one of my best friends who left Lanzarote many years ago. It’s not exactly a hop skip and a jump to reach a mate when they move to Australia. A long journey like this takes a lot of planning, so it seemed like the perfect moment to stop off along the way. I chose a location I’ve had on my bucket list for a long time. Beautiful Bali!

Travelling Food Inspiration..

Bali has been everything and more than I could have imagined it to be. Lush and green, the polar opposite to where we live in Lanzarote. The culture could not be more different to what we are used to in the canary Islands. That’s what makes a holiday so magical. For me personally though, one of the main things I look forward to the most, is trying out the local food.

Here are a just a handful of my favourites. Cantina Teguise will see influences from these in the future! I will be looking forward to getting back in the kitchen sometime soon and putting everything I learned to good use.

Travelling food inspiration from Bali to Lanzarote

This was sunshine granola with a tonic shot and an infusion, at The Slow in Canguu.

Travelling food inspiration from Bali to Lanzarote

Food for Inspiration

Buckwheat hotcake with pumpkin and cashew cream, burnt orange Devine!

The classic chicken soup with the best chicken satay I have ever had.

Black sticky Rice with banana and coconut milk

What’s new at Cantina..

Before I left for my long journey we were working flat out in the kitchen lab to prepare for the New cantina Menu launch! It’s finally here and we’re super excited to welcome along the Cantina Nutri Bowl. Take a look at this and other new dishes to join the menu..

cantina Teguise menu 2018

Cantina Teguise New Menu for Autumn 2018

Stay tuned for the exciting new specials which will be coming in when I return! Also, don’t forget to visit team cantina, at the Foodie event of the year in Teguise later this month >> Read more about Saborea Lanzarote

See you soon!

Zoe x

Saborea Lanzarote – Teguise Enogastronomico November Food fare 2018

Saborea Lanzarote – Teguise Enogastronomico November Food fare 2018


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