Need help with official translation? There is a Free interpretation service every week in La Villa. This is being offered by the Teguise Ayuntamiento in partnership with the Lanzarote Business and Residents Association.

Who are the LBRA?

The Lanzarote Business and Residents Association was formed in 2008 and it exists for all islanders. The LBRA is a non profit organisation supporting residents, non residents, property owners, business owners and those who simply love Lanzarote.

Lanzarote business and residents LBRA Teguise

Lanzarote business and residents Association (LBRA)

The group has one common goal, to support Lanzarote economic growth for the future generations. This works by promoting local business and tourism, in addition to helping people stay connected.

The P word..

A groan or murmur ripples through a room when that dreaded word arises ‘Paperwork’. It’s daunting when dealing with the ‘P’ word in your own language, but even the most fluent of Spanish speaking locals can struggle. Paperwork is a daunting task regardless of your Spanish speaking skills.

Making life easier, free translation.

Help is at hand for those who need it. The Teguise Ayuntamiento work in partnership with the LBRA to offer free translation assistance each week in ‘La Villa’. The service runs every Tuesday morning for all LBRA members, between 10:00am – 1:00pm at the Ayuntamiento building.

Teguise Ayuntamiento, Free Translation Service by the LBRA

There is an English speaking LBRA team member dedicated to helping residents/businesses of Teguise with any interpretation based services required.

Free Cantina Coffee..

We think that the translation service is a great idea, so we’ve decided to support the team with a vital ingredient!


Every paperwork morning needs coffee right? Each person who uses the free Teguise translation service on a Tuesday morning is entitled to a cup of Cantina Coffee. Simply mention this blog and the name of the LBRA team member who helped you. It’s that easy!

Cantina Teguise Free coffee for LBRA translation

Share your Coffee story with us #CantinaCoffee

Planning to move to the island?

If you need help with paperwork. Bank accounts. NIF & NIE numbers. in addition to Residencia applications etc. The Lanzarote Business and Residents Association can be of help check out the website and facebook pages.

More about Cantina

Cantina Teguise, a rustic chic restaurant housed within a historic building. We are located in the heart of Lanzarote in La villa de Teguise, the oldest town in the Canary islands and the cultural centre of the Island.

Teguise Sunday Market Lanzarote

Teguise Sunday Market Lanzarote, Check out our Sunday Secret Garden Sessions

Our traditional Canarian fare is sourced locally and we constantly strive to support local farmers, wine production and island artisan beer companies. Our menu also includes Cantina boards for two, a great way to share food with friends and try something new. In addition visitors can opt for one of our artesan classic Cantina Burgers. Furthermore, we offer variations for  Vegan and also our Vegetarian food options

See you soon!

Benn & Zoe 

Saborea Lanzarote in ‘La Villa’, Lanzarote’s leading flagship foodie event..




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