We know summer is in full swing when the Virgin Mary is carried through our streets. Commonly referred to as Virgen del Carmen or Nuestra Señora del Carmen, 

Practically all the towns and cities within Spanish coastal areas pay respect to the Virgin Carmen at this time. There are organised processions with colourful maritime pilgrimages carried out throughout Lanzarote today, and every July 16th.

Nuestra Señora del Carmen

According to tradition, the 16 of July of 1251: The image of the Virgen del Carmen had appeared to St. Simon Stock , Superior General of the Order, to whom he gave his habits and scapular. According to that modern tradition, the Virgin promised to liberate from Purgatory all the souls that have dressed the scapular during their life.

Nuestra Señora del Carmen - Teguise Lanzarote Summer 2018

Nuestra Señora del Carmen – Teguise Lanzarote Summer Ayuntamiento de Teguise

This veneration received recognition in paper in 1587 and has been endorsed by the later Pontiffs, especially regarding the scapular. Fishermen have named the Virgin of Carmen their faithful protector and, in addition, the Spanish Navy has granted her the title of Patroness.

For this reason, the Virgen del Carmen is known as “the star of the seas”. For centuries she has represented the faith that friends and family members who go to sea will be protected.

Summer Procession in Teguise..

Watch the Nuestra Señora del Carmen procession pass through Teguise, marking the official start of Summer 2018 here in Lanzarote ‘La Villa’!


Noche Blanca 2018..

Next up we’re about to finalise our plans for Noche Blanca 2018 in teguise on Friday July 27th. Stay tuned to our facebook page for updates.

See you soon 🙂

Benn & Zoe 

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