Our traditional Canarian fare is sourced locally. We constantly strive to support local farmers.



Marinaded Olives

Teguise sweet potato crisps

Bread board, olive oil, balsamic


Bruschetta Iberica
Bread, Tomato, Iberian ham – 7.95€

Bruschetta Tomate
Tomato & garlic bruschetta – 5.95€

Padron peppers – 6.95€

Queso Canario
Teguise goat cheese – 7.95€

Tortilla Espanola
Eggs, potatoes, onion, herbs – 6,50€

Papas Arrugadas
Canarian potatoes & mojo – 4.95€

Pata Asada
Roast pork w/ Lanzarote salt – 7.95€

Sweet potato fries – 4.95€

Papas Skinny
Skinny French fries – 2.95€

Tacos Veganos
With Beetroot & guacamole – 7.50€



Cantina boards for two, a great way to share with friends and try something new.

Tabla Canaria
Local Cheeses, Canarian Potatoes, Stew, Padron Peppers, Gofio, Mojos, Corn on the cob. 17.95€

Tabla del Mar
Locally Smoked Salmon & Tuna, Mackerel, Pickled anchovy. 19,95€

Tabla Deli
Lanzarote goat cheeses, Cured meats charcuterie, Olives. 18.95€


Aubergine Bake 11.95
Aubergine, Tomato, Parmesan, Basil, Herbs

Tagine del Sahara 34.95
For 2 persons. Lamb, prunes, Ras Al Hanout & cous cous

Atún Isleño 15.95
Locally line-caught tuna, herbs & garlic, salad and potatoes

Ribs Barbacoa 14.95
Rack of Barbecue pork ribs

Ravioli caseros 10.95
Spinach & ricotta with sage

Filete Uruguayo 20.95
Uruguayan 200g fillet steak, potatoes, rocket, parmesan, balsamic


Fresh salads. All Leaves & herbs are fresh from our gardens here in Teguise

Caesar Pollo 12.95
Free Range Chicken, Parmesan, Croutons, Caeser dressing

Teguise 7.95
Seasonal green salad.

Kimchi, Red Rice, Carrot, Mushroom, Rocket, Spring Onion, Sesame Seeds, Gochujang Mayo.

Solo. 9.95€

with Tofu. 11,95€

with free range chicken. 12.95€

with local raw tuna. 13.95€


Ravioli caseros    6.95
Spinach & ricotta with sage

Mini Burger    8.95
100% Grass fed Beef, Chips

Bola de Helado    2.95
Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate



Zoe’s Brownie
Zoe’s Famous 65% Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla, Icecream, Caramel

Typical Canarian dessert almond cream with vanilla icecream, biscuit & moscatel shot

Crumble de fruta
Fruit crumble with vanilla ice

Hot & Cold
Artisan Pistacho Ice Cream with Chilli Chocolate


Available in 100% beef patty, Corn fed chicken breast or Vegetable & soya pattie.

Order with gluten free bread or bread free with extra salad

100% beef, truffle mayo, mushrooms, bacon, provolone cheese. 11,95€

Beef Burger, Rocket, Parmesan, Pesto & Sunblushed Tomatoes. 10,95€

100% Beef, Bacon, Provolone Cheese. 9,95€

Beetroot, guacamole, provolone cheese. 10,95€

Rocket, provolone chees, onion, green pepper sauce. 10,95€


Papas Skinny
Skinny french fries. 2,95€

Sweet potato chips. 4,95€

zoe's kitchen
fresh ingredients at cantina


Cantina has been created as a place to enjoy Lanzarote local life, food, wine and culture. We have a passion for our island and try to embrace the soul of local living.


Our style of cooking is simple, honest and authentic allowing the flavors of the natural ingredients to speak for themselves.

Local specialities include amazing goats cheeses in many varieties like paprika, smoked or fresh. fantastic fresh veg and lettuces, herb based mojo sauces with traditional Canarian wrinkly potatoes ( originally introduced by the British ) Gofio, from ground maize flour which would have been produced in the many windmills you will see in the country fields, sweet potatoes, figs and cactus prickly pears.

Here at Cantina we love to use as much local produce as possible and work hard with local farmers to ensure that most of our supplies are from the island. here in Teguise we have sourced suppliers of all our herbs like Rosemary, Coriander, Thyme, Dill, Parsley, Mints, Basil, Rocket and Sage, All of our lettuces and now most of our fresh veg.

The soil in Lanzarote is fantastic for grow lush fruit & veg and with the recent campaigns to get water supplies to far out fincas we are seeing an far greater range of produce. We have been using broccoli from Tao for the last few months with our Steak dish and have had rave responses to its quality and freshness. It literally can be on the plate 20 minutes after being hand picked by our ecological farmer.

Recently we have seen a huge improvement in local wine quality. Production in Lanzarote is costly as the strong winds and high temperatures produce a low yield, however our climate and mineral rich earth make for some fantastic grapes with a low water content leading to rich, fruity wines of the white Malvasia variety and some of the worlds best Moscatels. Although too costly too export local sales and the increasingly wine savvy tourist has lead to a huge increase in local wine production allowing local bodegas to employ prestigious eneologists further improving the wines available on our tables. At Cantina we sell over 20 local wines by the glass and push hard to promote these local gems. look out for the El Grifo Coleccion Malvasia, the semi-dry from Bermejo or the dessert Moscatel from Guiguan otherwise ask our waiter for our new tasting board of 5 local wines and find your own favorite.

benn & zöe

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