More than half a million people in the UK now say they follow the vegan lifestyle, which has increased by 260% in the last 10 years. Additionally, a third of the population identifies as ‘flexitarian’. A flexitarian dietary lifestyle means cutting down on meat consumption. So which alternative food products are Brits loving this year?

Rising Food Alternatives..

Huge numbers of people are switching to plant-based alternatives to dairy products. Sales of Unsweetened Almond Milk have risen the equivalent of over 265k litres per year! Another hit with shoppers are the Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausages and CO YO Natural Dairy Free Coconut Milk Yogurt, which have seen their sales soar by 2,000%

Cantina Food Lab..

European food taste is varied and we welcome many different nationalities to Cantina Teguise. We’ve decided to stick to the ‘flexitarian’ options at Cantina Teguise. To find the perfect balance on our menu we came up with the idea to introduce a ‘Cantina Food Lab day’. Each Thursday we dedicate a day to develop new dishes together.

Vegan Thursday at Cantina food lab

Food Lab team: Zoë, Tomas Spagnole (Head Chef) & Vicki are dedicating every Thursday to develop new dishes.

Vegan Food Lab..

Here are our inventions from last weeks Vegan Food Lab Thursday!

Vegan cheese Cantina Teguise Lanzarote

Dairy Free Cheese by Zoe

As with plant milk. Vegan cheese can be made from cashews. Sesame seeds. Sunflower seeds. Soybeans. Coconut oil, rice, almonds in addition to other nuts and nutritional yeast. Vegan cheese is cholesterol-free!

Vegan food in Lanzarote - Teguise

Vegan Sharing Board – Cantina Teguise

Tapinade black olive and sun series tomato hummus spice chickpeas. Edamame beans with truffle oil. Confit pear tomatoes with garlic & Vegan cheese selection.

Cashew Dream Cake

Cashew Dream Cake

Nut and date base with cashew dream cream. Berries and dark chocolate for an added touch of bliss.

Zoe’s added notes..

While many might be reading this thinking, “Sold, I’m booking myself a table at Cantina next week for a dreamcake”. We should mention that the lab food goes on to our specials board, and this may change quite rapidly. The most popular dishes from each week may begin to make it to our main menu. Basically, you the customer will decide which lab dishes stand the test of time!

Stay tuned for live updates

Benn & Zoe

vegan sharing board

Vegan sharing board

Just Eat..

Healthier food options are becoming more sought after year on year here in Lanzarote. When we first opened Cantina Teguise there was a much higher demand for meat dishes on our menu than we are finding today. We’ve been open for over 8 years now, so what’s caused the change? Are the ‘V’ words becoming trendy, or is there a shift in what we choose to fuel our bodies with?

International meal delivery service Just Eat named veganism as a top consumer trend in 2018 as people become more aware of healthy and ethical lifestyle choices.

Just Eat, which has delivery hubs in 15 countries, reported that 33 percent of its partner restaurants now offer meat and dairy free options, In addition, they’re launching dedicated vegan menus to keep up with increasing demand.



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