The earliest written evidence of the popular drink has been found in AD 1000 Egypt. Although citrus fruits were introduced from Asia around AD 700. A type of wine was made using lemons, dates and honey. In those days this was a drink for peasants to enjoy. Also, bottles of lemon juice with sugar (known as qatarmizat), were imported and consumed locally.

The first reference found to carbonated lemonade was in 1833. The drink was widely available in British refreshment stalls, and it’s this tradition we’ve decided to bring to Lanzarote!

Cantina Teguise pink lemonade

Cantina Homegrown Lemonade

Where possible we opt for the local supplier to grab our produce. Homegrown lemons make for the best juice. When we first had the idea to make our own cloudy lemonade, it was just that. An idea. It’s subsequently become one of the best ideas we’ve ever had! Quite often we can’t seem to make enough of it, especially on busy Sunday Teguise Market day. Give it a try next time you’re passing.

To check out our daily food menu and drinks list take a look at this link.

See you soon!

Benn & Zoe x

Visiting Lanzarote in November? Don’t miss out on the fantastic Enogastronomico annual food fare event by Saborea Lanzarote: November 25th & 26th 2017. Villa de Teguise is steeped in passion for gastronomy, and we’re proud to be at the centre of it. Furthermore, visitors to the Cantina Food stall will also have the chance to sample food from our sister restaurant Tabla Arrecife 

See more details by clicking this image >>

Gastronomy Lanzarote Food fare

Showcasing Lanzarote food & Wine: Join us on November 25th & 25th


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